School Fun

School Fun was a British comic book that ran from the concerns dated 15 October 1983 to 26 May 1984, when it merged with Buster. As the name implies, the comic’s “gimmick” was that every strip revolved around school.

Its strips featured:.

B. Ware Carer – an extremely antagonistic caretaker, exceptionally aggravated by clutter, and attempting to prevent schoolchildren’s satisfaction at every turn.

Coronation Street School – a training where the students looked like prominent Crowning Road personalities.

Creepy Spider – a telltale and sycophantic instructor’s pet who tends to end up irritating rather than assisting his teacher. Creep joined Youthful Arfur after School Fun combined with Buster.

E.T.T. – a strip based on the contemporary E.T. motion picture, involving an unusual educator stranded on Planet and teaching at a local school.

Grange Hill Juniors – a strip having numerous Grange Hillside characters.

Junior Ed: the kid of the School Fun editor.

Schoolditz – a training captured by the Nazis in the Second World War and trying to run away from a Colditz-style jail. Their plans founder given that the headmaster usually goofs up Gilligan-style. The headmaster retrieves himself by saving the day in the last installment. A retro gaming mashup incorporating the ZX Spectrum classic Skool Daze with elements from Schoolditz is apparently under development by Mal Franks.

School Belle – featuring a very egotistical schoolgirl that overselled her beauty, constantly failing to manipulate school children into doing her bidding process.

School Team – who are appointed to succeed prizes to pack the empty prize cabinet.

Slowcoach (from Whizzer and Chips) – Slowcoach is always guaranteed to be late and have an unbelievable justification, such as being gone after by tigers or falling under a printing press on the way. Note: Slowcoach did not appear in the normal comic; it began after the merging with Buster.

Softy Sir – providing an instructor provided as a total wimp, much like Walter The Softy, whilst his class runs riot around him. Yet Softy Sir constantly ends up with the last laugh. Softy Sir ended up being Walt Taster’s instructor ater the merging.

Educators United – a strip providing all teachers as participants of an incredibly ordered pressure verging on a conspiracy versus their schoolchildren, total with a sophisticated underground headquarters accessed using a team cupboard.

Time Bus – a school bus that took a trip via time just before each school day. So the little ones would constantly get to school astride a time trip adventure.

Walt Teaser – a schoolboy that would certainly ridicule at his classmates or anybody who captures his focus – but they constantly wind up with the last laugh.

Willy Wonty (added after a vote by readers upon six example strips) – that could never ever comprise his thoughts concerning anything.
Youthful Arfur – a strip showcasing a resourceful Arthur Daley-like personality, that consistently developed dodges to get just what he wanted – usually, worming his way out of schoolwork or assisting his classmates to do so.

School Fun competed 33 problems, and had one annual and 2 vacation specials.